School App

Our school App is our main channel of communicating with our families.  We ask all parents to install the App to ensure that all alerts (including advice on events that may have to be cancelled or postponed) are received instantly. 

News and photographs of past and future events, incursion/excursion information, parent consent forms (eForms) etc are posted on the App.

The App allows parents to advise the school if a child is absent, update contact details and, where possible, complete and submit an ‘eForm’ - consent form via a mobile device.  The names of those students who are selected to receive an Honour Certificate at the next Assembly are published on App one week prior to the fortnightly Thursday morning Assembly.

Please follow these instructions to download the App to ensure that you receive all communications from us. 

If for some reason you are not able to download or access the Audiri App, all uploads can still be accessed HERE.